Catering and Transportation Services

Durrat Amjad’s has specially designed and built for Catering and Transportation Services across the Kuwait. We keep the highest international standards in the food catering industry. The entire production is controlled by maintaining the temperature as required.

The company has continued to improve quality since its establishment and has made quality control a priority. Its food quality and hygiene have reached high-level international standards. The company has served as catering agent for various national and international clients. It has been repeatedly praised for its food quality.

In addition to adapting to the rapid development of the transportation industry and satisfying catering demand, the company has expanded into new businesses and provides various food and drinks to various industries.

As a catering enterprise, the company has built a favorable reputation among customers with persistent, high-quality food. Modernized production facilities and high hygiene controls guarantee food safety and quality. In this way, the company has won unanimous trust and praise from customers.