Management Message

Durrat Amjad General Trading Co. take pride in being one of the Top companies in Oil field construction in Kuwait. Since our inception, we have been an organization on a mission 'to create and realize concrete dreams’. We have constantly worked towards achieving the satisfaction of the clients we serve to meet the growing demands of the society we live in. Our fundamental business principles continue to guide us on the road to success.

Our belief in making realistic commitments and ensuring that they are fulfilled, coupled with our commitment to establish good relationships with local communities by respecting laws, regulations and customs of the societies we operate in have added to our reputation in the Construction and Oil & Gas Sector.

We have always placed great emphasis on the safety of the environment around us, going out of our way to adopt eco-friendly technologies and practices.

The high ethical standards we have set for ourselves will help us sustain our position in being a leading and guiding force in the region.

As we look to the years ahead, we renew our pledge to remain committed to excellence, keep abreast of changes and innovations, adopt better management and construction techniques and successfully overcome all challenges before us.

We strongly hold on to our success motto – ONE TEAM, ONE FAMILY !!!

Tamim Ansar
Managing Director