Mechanical Maintenance

Equipment Erection And Dismantling Works:

  • Dismantling of steel structures, pipelines and all inline apparatus, electrical & instrument cable, equipment's etc.:

Static Equipment Maintenance:

  • Carry out opening and closing of Tanks, Vessels, drums, columns etc.: 
  • Carry out cleaning of exchanger tubes by high pressure water jet including flexible lancing at all elevations: 
  • Carry out dismantling, cleaning, repairs and fix back column trays/packing:
  • Carry out replacement of exchanger/vessel at all elevations: 
  • Carry out cleaning I replacement of filtering elements: 
  • Carry out re-tubing of the transfer line exchangers (TLE}:
  • Re-Tubing Of Exchangers At All Elevations:
  • Carry Out Opening And Closing Of Filtering Vessel Covers: 
  • Carry Out Opening/Closing And Cleaning Of Plate Exchangers: 
  • Carry Out Cleaning of Exchanger Tubes By High Pressure Water Jet Using Lancing Machine and H.P. Pump.